Terms & Conditions

You can either order online or by calling us at 908-731-1174. Since we want to deliver a personalized service to you, we always prefer to speak with you.
We accept payment via credit cards or personal check prior to the day of your arrival.
It is best to place your order as soon as you have made your travel plans, to insure availability. No matter when you place your order we will always try to accommodate all your requests. (Orders placed less than 24 hours in advance of your arrival will have a surcharge added to the order.)
Cancellation of over 7 days prior to your arrival will incur a credit card service fee. Orders cancelled after that time will be charged a 50% of your order.
Call us about our multiple week discount.
Delivery/Pick up:
On the day of your arrival all rental items will be delivered between 9am-6pm into the outside shower or by your front door, with the exception of cribs and bikes. If you don’t see your delivery when you arrive, please contact us immediately. If you have ordered a crib or bikes, we will contact you on the day of your arrival to coordinate your delivery, for when someone will be at your rental home. Please check all your rental items immediately to make sure you have received everything you ordered.
On the day of your departure, please leave all rental items outside by 9:00am for us to pick up, in the same place they were delivered. Linens should not be washed, just put them into the laundry bags provided. All beach equipment and baby equipment (except cribs), leave outside along with your laundry bags. Cribs and bikes will be picked up separately between 9:00am – 10:30pm. 

During your Vacation:

Please contact us at 908-731-1174 with any additional needs or questions while you are staying on LBI. If you need to wash your linens while on vacation, please wash whites separate from colors and do not use any bleach.

Loss or Damages:

Please return all rental items in the same condition in which they were delivered. You are responsible for any theft of the rental items. Damaged or unreturned items are subject to a repair or replacement cost.
Agreement and Liability Waiver:

LBI DreamMakers LLC is pleased to provide high quality products and services for your LBI vacation. This agreement shall be the governing contract between the purchaser (client) and LBI DreamMakers LLC, dba LBI DreamMakers.
Products: The equipment and/ or products rented or purchased to the client.
Services: The in-home services (yoga, massage therapy, chef) provided to the client.
The client agrees that the products rented through LBI DreamMakers will used in accordance with its intended use. While reasonable wear and tear are expected, the loss of or damage of the products is the sole responsibility of the client.
In no event will LBI DreamMakers be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by or arising out if the use of the equipment, products or services provided by LBI Dreammakers or the failure of the equipment to function as intended.
By ordering any products or services from LBI DreamMakers the client indicates that he/she has read this document and acknowledges and agrees to the terms herein.