LBI Island Fun

Paddle board & Kayak Tours

LBI DreamMakers can organize a guided paddle board and kayak  tour in the bay.  A fun activity for everyone in the family. Add the photographer to document the event, to share with your friends.

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Island Fun

Bike The Light T-Shirt... $15.50 (each)
Bike The Light T-Shirt... $15.50 (each) This original T-Shirt design created exclusively for LBI DreamMakers. T-Shirt color is Carolina blue with silkscreen design in white and red. Sizes: small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large
BucketBall... $20.00 (Per Week)
BucketBall... $20.00 (Per Week)

BucketBall is a perfect game for the beach. The game comes in a custom tote bag with 6 red buckets, 6 blue buckets and 2 balls. There are 1/3rd and 2/3rd fill lines inside the bucket to indicate proper water and/or sand fill levels. Our game balls are the perfect size and weight that allow you to play the game in windy conditions. The custom tote bag makes it easy to transport the game to the beach. 

Cornhole... $25.00 (Per Week)
Cornhole... $25.00 (Per Week)

Cornhole is a game, in which small bags are tossed at a target consisting of an inclined wooden platform with a hole at one end. Included are two 4- x 2-foot boards in natural finished wood, 4 red beanbags and 4 blue beanbags. The game is easy to take to the beach since the boards have collapsible legs and velcro together to become a carrying case. 

Disc Slam... $15.00 (Per Week)
Disc Slam... $15.00 (Per Week)

Disc Slam is a 4-person game. The game includes 2 targets and 2 discs. Each target pops up in seconds for instant assembly. The object is to throw your disc towards the opposite goal where your partner is waiting to help deflect or slam the disc into the target. 

Ladder Ball.. $25.00. (Per Week)
Ladder Ball.. $25.00. (Per Week) A perfect game for the beach for all ages. The object of the game is to toss Bolas, made of real golf balls connected to woven nylon over the various rungs of each ladder.
Ring Toss... $10.00 (Per Week)
Ring Toss... $10.00 (Per Week) This classic game of ring toss builds hand eye coordination. The 5 pegs are constructed of wood and include 4 rings.