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Grocery Delivery

Do I really want to spend my first day of vacation grocery shopping while everyone else is having fun on the beach?
Call LBIDreamMakers… we will shop and deliver your groceries directly to your door.
LBIDreamMakers is a unique grocery shopping service that allows you to order EXACTLY what you need, exactly what sizes/quantities, and exactly which brands you desire. It is as easy as emailing us your shopping list a week before your delivery date and we will be certain to take the extra care to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. For an additional fee we will stock your shelves and refrigerator.

Grocery Shopping, Stocking Fee & Delivery
Cost of groceries plus 30% and a $50.00 in home stocking & delivery fee.

If you order any of our other services a $15.00 discount will be applied.

We have limited availability for this service, call and reserve your grocery shopping today.

Contact LBI DreamMakers, and let us tailor our services specifically for you.
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